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  • hull
  • complete ship
  • design works
  • outfitting works
  • machinery works
  • Installation of BUYERS supplied items

    • Installation of main engine and generators
    • Steering gears and rudder bearings
    • Valves
    • Pumps
    • Bilge separators
    • FO and LO separators
    • Compressors and air receivers
    • FO booster modules
    • Boilers
    • Fresh water generators
    • Fans
    • Drills and lathes
    • Bowthrusters
    • Non-structural ramps and covers, including weather tightness
    • Hydraulic driven folding hatches
    • Installation of main engine, generators, etc.
    • Propeller shafts, intermediate shafts, intermediate bearings, bulkhead seals
    • Propellers
    • Sterntubes and the bearings, mounting flange for the sterntube, inner and outer sterntube seals
    • Filling with oil and/or grease, where applicable
    • Elephant pots for lashing of trucks and cars
    • Echo sounders and logs
    • Windows, portholes and doors
    • Air condition units and ventilation pipe system
    • Fin stabilizers (installation and technical assistance for testing)
    • Lifeboats and rescue boat davits
    • Windlasses and mooring winches, etc.

    Electrical works

    • Cable laying
    • Installation on board of all the electrical switchboard (manufacturing of main switchboard is optional)
    • Construction and installation of engine control room console (manufacturing of console is optional)


    • Installation of all the structural fire protection insulation
    • Insulation of compartments
    • Sheeting of compartments by panels, supplied by the BUYER, etc.

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