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Ukrainian shipbuilding industry is a complex of:
  • Colleges, universities and research centers;
  • Experienced design bureaus;
  • 9 shipbuilding yards with different capacities and specialisation;
  • A number of ship repair yards, which differ by size, equipment, specialization and location.

Close geographical location to European Union, combined with availability of up-to-date design bureaus, powerful production facilities of shipyards, experienced labor force, presence of strong national metallurgic industry make Ukrainian shipbuilding industry very attractive alternative to far distant Asian shipbuilding centers.

Brief information about equipment of Ukrainian yards:

  • steel pretreatment lines (Ukrainian makers, GUTMAN, SINTO) assuring quality SA 21/2 and spraying of shopprimer with adjustable thickness 18-22
  • plasma cutting machines (Ukrainian makers, MESSER GRIESHEIM) with max dimensions of plates 2,4 m x 8 m or 3,2 m x 12 m
  • semiautomatic welding tractors, some shipyards have automatic lines for production of flat sections from ESAB-HEBE and TTS
  • special press and bending equipment, press equipment (Ukrainian makers, FUJICAR, Bakker)
  • piping shops, some shipyards have own hot zinc galvanizing shops, where they manufacture ship's pipesystems
  • shipyards have machinery equipment, some of them are able to produce range of different by length and diameter propeller shafts. One yard has fabric for production of variable pitch propeller shaft lines 
  • assembling shops equipped with cranes, allowing some yards to lift up blocks with weight up to 200 tons (Ukrainian makers, WENZLAFF)
  • several yards have special transporters from SHEUERLE with lifting capacity up to 250 tons
  • some of yards form hulls at open air slipways, number of shipyards build inside covered sheds, equiped with cranes lifting capacity up to 200 tons. Big shipyards form hulls in dry docks, which equipped with gantry cranes lifting capacity 2x300 tons, 2x900 tons
  • some shipyards have painting chambers with climate and dust control systems
  • number of shipyards launch ships by side slipways with launching control mechanism, big shipyards have launching docks and big dry docks.

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