Post box 103,
02068 Kyiv
Tel.: +380 44 221 6814, fax: +380 44 221 7630
e-mail: aquila@shipbuilding.com.ua


Standard scope of services:

  • quotation (selection of the subcontractor(s), capable to fulfill the order or organization of tender among Ukrainian subcontractors;
  • preparation of negotiations with selected subcontractors (assistance in writing up of a new text of the contract or modification of provided by the client draft of the contract, considering demands of local legislation, translation of the text of the contract into national languages);
  • agent follow-up of the building process (detection of possible problems, which may influence the terms of delivery and elaboration of effective solutions).

Optional services:

  • project managemnt at sight;
  • organisation of technical supervision during construction at sight;
  • assistance in organization of BUYER's technical survey during building process;
  • assistance in subcontracting of any design works;
  • assistance in subcontracting of any machinery works;
  • assistance in organization of towing and transport orerations;
  • assistance in raising of funds for shipbuilding projects, realized in Ukraine.

General services:

  • travel arrangements: hotel reservations, transfers, etc.

"AQUILA-M" Ltd., Post box 103, 02068 Kyiv, UKRAINE
Tel.: +380 44 221 6814, fax: +380 44 221 7630